Letter for Coaches and Managers


To coaches and managers – Welcome to the 2012 Competition, this year we have formed at Committee consisting of representatives from the following schools:

  • East Taieri School
  • Elmgrove School
  • Fairfield School
  • Outram School
  • St Marys School
  • Silverstream School

We have made a number of changes that will ensure this fantastic competition continues to grow and give our children the opportunity to be involved in the game of ‘miniball’.

Some important information:

  1. Referees – we have 8 students from the Taieri College signed up and they have attended a referee course at Otago Basketball.  Members of the committee will be assisting them in the first few weeks.  Please respect their decisions and ensure that all players do so too.
  2. Draw: The draw has been produced using a computerised programme.
    Monday – Games 3.30 to 6.00 pm.  We have 12 teams registered, but because the court is only available until 6.00 pm, two teams will have a bye.  A number of games are scheduled to play at certain teams schools when they are playing their own school eg  FF Breakers vs FF Lions, by introducing this system it will allow us to have a complete round robin competition.  A number of teams do have a double header scheduled for 13th August, depending on results this may not be necessary, the committee will review this beginning of Term 3.
    Tuesday – Games – 3.30 to 7.30 pm.  We have a huge 20 teams registered, and again because of court space and timeframes, the above scenario also applies, we will schedule some games to be held at a team’s school. There are two sections – A (7 teams) and B (13 teams). Today is attached the draw for the first three weeks.  With section B it may not be possible to have a complete round robin, but we will be keeping an eye on this section and changes may be made at the discretion of the committee.
  3. Game Times – we are under a very tight schedule, so there is no time for warm-ups on the court, when the referee blows the whistle to start the game your team must take the court immediately, the game clock will start.  At the completion of the first and third 6 minute quarter you must only make substitutions, there is no time for a coaching talk.  At half time you have 4 minutes to talk to your team.  Please have respect for the teams playing the 7.00 game on Tuesday and also the Taieri Womens Competition is scheduled to start at 6.00 pm on a Monday.
  4. Duty – Each team is required to complete at turn or turns at duty – please check the draw carefully and ensure you are organised.  See the attached ‘scorebench’ information sheet.
  5. Team Management – when waiting for your game please make sure your players are sitting quietly, respecting the spectators and teams playing on the court.  Players are not allowed on the court at any of the 6 minute breaks.  The referees have been instructed to keep these players off the court.  Only the teams playing should be on the court.  Also please do not allow subs to stand or sit along the court side, you may stand at corner of court (only coach and subs).  Also do not allow children to go upstairs by the score bench.  We also ask that parents keep sibling seated.
  6. Cupboard – each school has a key for the cupboard by the score bench, in this cupboard you will find the match ball, score sheets, first aid kit, set of bibs (for when teams with similar colours are playing), if you use these bibs please ensure they are ALL returned to the cupboard at the completion of your game.
  7. Issues or complaints – if any issues arise or you wish to make a complaint please contact your school representative, this includes all matters, please do not approach the referees or allow any of your teams parents to do so either. Then if necessary your school rep will then bring the matter to members of the committee.
  8. All positive comments are very welcome.


Well I think that about covers everything (hopefully).

Have a great season.




Taieri School’s Miniball Competition.