Duty Scorers


Turn on the switch on the wall (to the right of the score bench) on.

White/Grey Box on the right

Put Stop/Run button to stop.  Push and hold to set button down and at the same time as holding this down push set new time to number of minutes required (6).  If you make an error push zero to reset and start again.  When ref starts game flick Stop/Run button to run.  To reset at half time put Stop/Run button to stop, push zero and set the same again as above.

Green Box

Start with reset button pointing up and the other button also pointing up.  When a team scores push either the black or red button twice to show the 2 points, check the scoreboard to see it worked.  Continue to use the same button for the same team for the whole game.  You can put black or red by the team name to help you remember what team is what colour.  At the end of the game reset the score to zero.

Score Sheet

The referee should tell you what number scored the goal, you put 2 points beside their name under Points on the score sheet as well as this you cross off 2 numbers on the 1 to 70 numbers on the bottom of the score sheet to keep a running total of the score.   You should acknowledge the referee (by holding up your hand or waving) that you know what number scored and that you have recorded it.  Check the score sheet to the board regularly to ensure you both have the same score recorded.  At half time record the half time score.  At full time record the full time score.

The referee should tell you what number fouled, put a tick in the fouls column for that player.  You should acknowledge the referee that you know what number fouled and that you have recorded it.  As soon as a player has four fouls you need to let the referee know.

Foul Point – When a player fouls the opposing team is given one point and foul recorder against defender.

Make sure the Team Names, Date and Time is filled out on the scoresheet.

If you are unsure it is best to ask the referee to ensure correct scores and fouls are recorded.

Make sure no children are upstairs in any of the rooms as this is out of bounds.

Thank you for being on duty.