1 Length of Games / Punctuality
  • Games – 4 six  minute quarters
  •  2 minute half time
  • For the smooth running of the league it is important that teams are ready to go onto the court at scheduled times.  Scoresheets must be filled in well before the commencement of games.  The clock will start whether teams are ready or not.


2 Substitutions Substitutions will be permitted at the end of each quarter – coaches may only give a talk at half time.
3 Time Outs No Time outs during any part of the game.
4 Fouls
  • One point per foul to the opposing team. Referee to advise bench.
  • 4 fouls only per player – the player will then have to leave the game.
  • The team foul rule will not apply


5 Draw/Tie There will be no over-time except in the case of a final if the scores are tied.
6 Points Table If teams are tied at the end of section play – results will be determined as follows:-

  • Two-way tie – Result of the game between the two teams involved or if no game is played between the teams, points differential will decide the rankings.
  • Three way tie, the winner shall be decided on the basis of the greatest points differential on the games between the teams involved.


7 Free Throws No free shots to be taken.
8 Zone Defence Zone defence is not permitted.  Teams must play man to man at all times.


9 Teams Players may play for one team only throughout the league, they may play for another team to help out when required (eg team short due to illness, camps etc) Dispensation will only be given under exceptional circumstances.


Tuesday players may not play on a Monday and players playing in Year 7 / 8 competition may not play in either Monday or Tuesday games.

10 Three Point Shots There is no such thing as a 3 point shot in Miniball, 3 pointers only count as 2 points.


11 Behaviour Swearing/abuse to other players/referees/coaches will result in the player being sent from court for rest of the game.


12 Score Benches See attached information sheet.